If Diversity is our Strength…

For the longest time, the Left (and many parts of the ‘Right’) has been screaming at racists, or sexists, or homophobes, or whatever people group happens to be sufficiently small and they feel needs to be protected. This has recently cascaded into large swaths of the population being called names like ‘neo-nazi,’ and has also lead places like Twitter and Google to start weeding out anything that doesn’t properly match their far-left tendencies. Once you look at the deep running ideas that lead to this outcome, some ironic, if not absurd, conclusions start to be reached.

The average liberal is so trigger happy with regards to bigots because they want everybody in the universe to stand together with all of their differences in tact. As the claim goes, ‘Diversity is our Strength.’ This means that the more alternative or competing ideas are present, the better things must be. Naturally, the hatred of anything that leaves even a pebble in the way of unity is despised.

Given their base assumptions, this is reasonable, until you stop to consider the bandwidth of their diversity. They’ve said that they want EVERYONE, the whole world, to stand together with their differences in tact. Does this mean that racists, sexists, homophobes, neo-nazis, etc. also have a place in the new world order? Or are these ideas truly non-ideas in their minds? Wouldn’t this mean that the people who think these thoughts are sub-human? Wouldn’t that be the exact same logic as racists? By silencing the views of others who have these ideas on their platforms, the left is by definition excluding via bigotry. In order to protect diversity, liberals must destroy some ideas and thus defy their own beliefs.

Any belief that must prove itself false in order to prove itself true is ultimately bankrupt and devoid of truth. This is why I am of the Alt-right, because differences need distance, not nearness, in order to actually get along

On Dwarves and Dark Elves

In my upcoming book Across the Kolgan Sea, one of the primary races in play is the Dark Elves, aka Dwarves. Both races are common fare for any fantasy world, as showcased by anything from D&D to Lord of the Rings. However, the Dark elf race of Ilagtten is far, far more sophisticated than the average human-in-funny-hat.

To explain this, I must start with the most basic lore from the original Norse Mythology. Legend holds that the race of Dark Elves arose from maggots, but they were so hideous that the gods cast them into the realm of Svartalfheim (which aptly means ‘Realm of the Dark Elves’). The origin of the Dwarves is a little less cut and dry, though. Some places describe them as being made to hold up the sky, other times, they just exist. Their standard home is the realm of Nidaveller.

Seems straight forward so far, right? Well, here’s when it starts to get fun. Some legends describe Dwarves not only living in Svartalfheim but being sought after there too. When the gods needed some Dwarves to craft a rope strong enough to hold down Fenris, for example, where did they go but Svartalfheim?

This inconsistency has led some scholars to conclude that the Dark Elves and Dwarves are the same race. However, this also leads to some questions about why they have two realms, and why Nidaveller is home only to Dwarves.

My creative solution is to claim that ‘Dwarf’ is a title among Dark Elves. The title, in Dark Elf society, loosely translates to ‘master craftsman,’ and they are similar to a ruling class. Nidaveller only has Dwarves because it is a home for the elite. It also serves to explain why all Dwarves are good at building when no society would form like that. The theory still isn’t perfect, but it does make for a fun twist on the same old creatures.

Operation: Dog Walk

Let’s face it. The Russians have been getting a pretty bad rap in current politics. Regardless of which side of the spectrum you’re on, they’re being accused of ballot tampering, cyberterrorism, and collusion of all sorts. It often even sounds like clichéd Cold War propaganda, especially when you get to people screaming about Russian spies in the most absurd of places.

That’s why I wrote Operation: Dog Walk, as a light-hearted commentary on this controversy.


Ben is the lead-baker and co-owner of Brothers’ Olde-fashioned Bakery, a bakery that specializes in gluten-free and allergen-aware foods. In writing, he focuses mostly on humor writing, and fantasy in the worlds of Ilagtten, a world that draws upon a wealth of northern European culture and Norse Mythology, and Polaia, a setting of his own creation. Ben’s attempt in designing Polaia is to create a culture and religion that feels as authentic as real-world ones.