If Diversity is our Strength…

For the longest time, the Left (and many parts of the ‘Right’) has been screaming at racists, or sexists, or homophobes, or whatever people group happens to be sufficiently small and they feel needs to be protected. This has recently cascaded into large swaths of the population being called names like ‘neo-nazi,’ and has also lead places like Twitter and Google to start weeding out anything that doesn’t properly match their far-left tendencies. Once you look at the deep running ideas that lead to this outcome, some ironic, if not absurd, conclusions start to be reached.

The average liberal is so trigger happy with regards to bigots because they want everybody in the universe to stand together with all of their differences in tact. As the claim goes, ‘Diversity is our Strength.’ This means that the more alternative or competing ideas are present, the better things must be. Naturally, the hatred of anything that leaves even a pebble in the way of unity is despised.

Given their base assumptions, this is reasonable, until you stop to consider the bandwidth of their diversity. They’ve said that they want EVERYONE, the whole world, to stand together with their differences in tact. Does this mean that racists, sexists, homophobes, neo-nazis, etc. also have a place in the new world order? Or are these ideas truly non-ideas in their minds? Wouldn’t this mean that the people who think these thoughts are sub-human? Wouldn’t that be the exact same logic as racists? By silencing the views of others who have these ideas on their platforms, the left is by definition excluding via bigotry. In order to protect diversity, liberals must destroy some ideas and thus defy their own beliefs.

Any belief that must prove itself false in order to prove itself true is ultimately bankrupt and devoid of truth. This is why I am of the Alt-right, because differences need distance, not nearness, in order to actually get along

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