Across the Kolgan Sea Appendix: Erland

With Across the Kolgan Sea (abbr. AKS) coming out in the foreseeable future, I’ve decided to start setting up a little dictionary of persons, places, and things for it.

In this first post of that series, I will introduce the hero of the story, Erland.  Erland hails from the land of Shaloor, which is a cluster of seafaring kingdoms that share a common history of war against the Agrians, the kingdoms on the coasts and mainland. He is second eldest of his family, and has eight sisters (though Erland’s mother is with her ninth child).

Like most Shaloor, Erland despises the Agrians for their constant harassement. However, his father knows much about the ways of the Agrians, which has consequently tempered the boy’s attitude into a much more specific attitude.

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