Polaia: Deific Cast

The following are blurbs about the big, primary gods for the world of Polaia. As I develop them more, I’ll make more posts describing them individually.

Kaweio: God of metal, commerce, honor, and ambition. He is known to advise Kanuha on several matters of state, and maneuver things so that they work in his favor.

Geila: Goddess of the moon, water, repose, death, and introspection. She was so disgusted and annoyed by all the other gods’ antics that she went up to the sky to become the moon. Iwau is her husband, and together they control when life begins and ends in the world.

Lila: Goddess of agriculture, forests, alcohol, art, and love. She is married to Reho, but only one of her several children was sired by him (if you get my drift).

Reho: God of fire, passion, creation, storms, and industry. He is married to Lila, but is just as disloyal as Lila. Accidentally unleashed Iwau and the Wasp Mother upon the world.

Kanuha: King of the gods and god of earth, completion, satisfaction, and kings. He is responsible for getting the other gods to work together to do great things, such as create humanity. Legends with him often disagree about whether he is a man or a woman. Most scholars conclude he represents the ideal of both.

Iwau, the Wild Dog King: A soul-eating demon, patron of all dogs, and god of hunting, sportsmanship, luck, and chivalry. He is married to Geila, and often serves as a ‘guard dog’ for her realm.

The Wasp Mother: A demon, matron of stinging insects, and goddess of horticulture, farmers, communities, and nature. When she entered the world long ago, she stole the lantern of the sun from Reho. The other gods fought hard to return the sun to Reho, but quickly returned it to the Wasp Mother when they realized that she actually wielded it better.

Imowa: God of evil spirits, disease, calamities, and strife. A demon much like the Wasp Mother and Iwau, but thoroughly irredeemable. The only society that worships him is hidden deep within the forbidden mountain, where they have been convinced his darkness is truly light.

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