AKS Appendix: Solas

Solas is an Agrian who’s past, present, and future are shrouded in mystery. At the very least, in the perspective of the hero, Erland. What Erland absolutely knows about the man is that Solas is the jarl, or leader, of the Agrian town of Elderbear, and that he has one of the strangest verbal tic Erland has ever heard.

By ‘strangest verbal tic,’ I mean that Solas manages to not only make his sentences bounce with meter but actually manages to make his sentences rhyme with the people he’s talking to.

Regardless of speech patterns, all that ultimately matters to Erland is the fact that Solas has ruthlessly blocked Erland’s way home. Solas has orchestrated a search patrol to locate the boy and has branded him a spy to be questioned.

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