When Philosophy was Magic

An elven druid deep in her forest, drawing strength for the trees around her. She is more than a hermit or kook. She knows that life is everywhere and powerful. That it can be used or abused, therefore it is precious. She holds that all life gives and takes, so all things are connected. She prizes life and nature above everything else. She is a naturist.

A shaman hidden within a cave, transforming into hawks, and hares, and bears on a whim. He is more than a monster or madman. He questions what physically makes a man. Whether what we see is a fact or illusion. He holds that our opinions shape what is around us, not the reverse. He prizes uniqueness and identity above all else. He is an individualist.

A council of wizards high in their towers, uttering words of might that make the earth melt. They are more than recluses or babblers. They see the world as understandable. Hidden beyond our senses, but understandable. They hold that you can tell the gods “I’m on to you,’ and make them work for you. They prize knowledge and observation above all else. They are empiricists.

All magi, wherever they are, casting spells however they do. All are more than magicians or tricksters. All know the world to be magical when looked at right. Applied skillfully, the magic becomes reality. All hold that wisdom is the path to this power. All prize truth and understanding above all else. All are philosophers.

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