Iwau, The Wild Dog King

The Wild Dog King is a rather peculiar character within the legends of Polaia. According to legend, Iwau was one of the two demons that entered into the world when the god Reho rent the heavens open in his fury (see Reho’s entry later for more about that). Upon reaching the shore, Iwau brought forth hordes of wild dogs that now live across the land. The gods and men fought a furious battle against him in an attempt to drive him back to the realm he once resided in, but the same legends that recall this change in perspective later on.

To put it in brief, he was the first and only being to successfully court the goddess Geila. This went to show that he had a much more chivalrous side than was portrayed when he was chased by the other gods. As he was the first thing to have ever shown true concern and care for the Moon goddess, he eventually married her and was (grudgingly) accepted into the rank of the gods.

In his newfound position, he found himself with two responsibilities. The first is the jurisdiction over the hunt. In his role as god of the hunt, Iwau espoused the virtues of taking and expanded his domain into the realms of opportunity, fortune, and preservation. His main teaching is that things, be they living, dead, valuable, or anywhere in between, must be taken by someone, or else they will be snatched away by the careless world. Additionally, Iwau points out that ‘one must take so they might give,’ meaning that you cannot help your friends or family if you do not have something that was ultimately taken from another person or thing. His worshipers often extend this philosophy to all things, becoming ruthless capitalists and cunning leaders.

His primary followers are members of the Muwau cast. They are treated with incredible scorn by the majority of people. The only people who treat the Muwau with any sort of respect are the priests of Geila, who provide them with as much help as they can… Even while they avoid direct contact.

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