AKS Appendix: The Elderbear

Elderbear, or ‘Ranis’ as the alfar call them, a magical beast native to the forests of their namesake town. As the name implies, elderbear resemble aged bears. Their heads are completely bald and their chests bare a white, beard-like pattern. What makes them so unbelievably prized by everyone is that very skin of their’s.

An Elderbear’s hide is so thick that no mortal substance can puncture it. Only the use of magic can make it possible to break the skin. This has made hunting elderbear a major game for the alfar, as it gives them superb armor and a greater chance to prove their magical talents. Even the alf-king, Freyr, has been known to descend to Mannheim for the sole intention of bagging an Elderbear. The Alfish term ranis means ‘dawn bear’ in their tongue, referencing their strong tendencies to only appear in the morning and evening.

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