AKS Appendix: The Miscellaneous

The following, as suggested by the title, are all various little details for Across the Kolgan Sea. Whether they are less than primary characters, cultural references, or strange tools, they are listed here.


Aegir – The giant who lives at the bottom of the sea.  Hosts great parties for the other gods.

Aesir – One the two families of deities.  They are the gods of fate and warfare.

Ahrad – Elven master of illusions who is tasked with redirecting humans from Clafel.  Best friends with Kaihar.  Can be a little distractible.

Alfheim – Home realm of the elves.

Alfhild – Erland’s youngest sister.  Born on the same day that Erland was taken away by Aegir.

All-father – Title of Odin, king of the Aesir.

Alodia – An Agrian who is on friendly terms with Erland.   She has blue skin from her time spent in silver mines.

Bergson – Fridtjof’s best friend and husband to Runa.  Can have a rather loose tongue.

Bylgia – One of Aegir’s nine daughters.  Known as the billowing or big wave.

Chanting poem – A form of magic spell.

Clafel – Home of the elves built inside a now ruined castle.

Dverv – Dark elf title for chieftain.

Eira – One of Erland’s sisters.  She is 14 years old.

Alfwood – An aspen-like tree that have been cross-pollinated with the Nooa tree.

Erika – Erland’s older sister.  A student in the ways of magic.  She is 20 years old.

Erland – The protagonist of the story.  He is 18 years old.

Eydis – One of Erland’s sisters.  She is 13 years old.

Feljust – According to Shaloor legend, he was once a man who used the tooth of a witch to transform into a gull.  He was later cursed by that same which to destroy all land and sea he touched.

Fimblewinter – The three year long winter, filled with war and famine, brought upon by the frost giants.

Fredrick – One of Solas’s assistants.

Frey – Son of Bergson and Runa.  Not to be confused with Freyr.

Freya – One of the Vanir, daughter of Njord, and sister to Freyr.  Goddess of love and her name means ‘mistress’.

Freyr – One of the Vanir.  Patron to kings and the kings over the elves.  His name means ‘lord’.

Fridtjof – Erland’s father, who has nine other children.

Gullinbursti – The flying boar mount of Freyr.  Its name means ‘golden bristles’.

Hel – Queen of the underworld, Niflheim.

Hognosht – The fire giant that burned down the forest around Elderbear.

Jarl – An agrian title of authority, similar in nature to king and chieftain.

Jotunn – Giant.

Juusto – A type of Agrian cheese.  Also a derogatory term for Agrian.

Jussi – One of Solas’s assistants.  Also a traitor to the Shaloor people.

Kaarle – One of Solas’s assistants.

Kaihar – An elven expert in magic and combat.  Erland’s teacher.

Maarku – One of Solas’s assistants.

Mannheim – Home realm of the humans.  Also referred to as ‘Midgard’.

Muspleheim – Realm of fire giants and one of the first realms to exist.

Niale – Elven chieftain in lieu of Freyr.

Nidaveller – One of the home realms of the dark elves, the other being Svartalfheim.  It is a subterranean realm.

Niflheim – The realm where most deceased people go to.  There are nine sections of this realm in accordance with how one lived their life.

Nooa tree – A magical tree given to a mortal king centuries ago by Freyr.  It stays in full bloom even when in the dead of winter.  Sometimes, it is referred to as the sacred or Freyr’s tree.

Njord – One of the Vanir and father to both Freya and Freyr.  Benevolent god of the sea and representative of its bounty.

Oili – One of Erland’s sisters.  She is 9 years old.

Olga – One of Erland’s sisters.  She is 5 years old.

Oydis – One of Erland’s sisters.  She is 4 years old.

Ragnarok – The Norse version of Armageddon.

Ran – Wife of Aegir.  Constantly dredges the ocean floor with her net, be they treasure or people.

Ranis – Elven for ‘dawn bear’, this is the name given to elderbear by the elves.  They are named this for their nocturnal tendencies.

Reokashothi – Niale’s daughter and tormenter of Erland.

Reino – One of Solas’s assistants.

Runa – Wife of Bergson and the town’s primary midwife.  Also an accomplished volvu and Erika’s mentor.  Not to be confused with runes.

Rune – A magical marking or spoken word.  Can be used for many things if the user understands them.  The word ‘rune’ means ‘secret’.  Not to be confused with Runa.

Shaloor – An affiliation of island-dwelling kingdoms.  They were driven off to sea centuries ago by the Agrians and are still resentful for it.

Sigrun – One of Erland’s sisters and twin to Solveig.  She is 2 years old.

Skidbladnir – Freyr’s ship.  Able to ferry an entire army across the sea in the harshest of storm and yet be folded as to fit in someone’s pocket.

Solveig – One of Erland’s sisters and twin to Sigrun.  She is 2 years old.

Svartalf – Shaloor name for dark elves.  Plural, svartalfar.

Svartalfheim – One of the home realms of the dark elves, the other being Nidaveller.  It is a marshy realm.

Thor – One of the Aesir.  Sworn guardian of Mannheim.

Vanir – One of the two families of deities.  They are the gods of prosperity, passion, and peace.

Wichel – The dark elf who once held Erland prisoner.

Yantha – Elf and Ex-wife of Ahrad.

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