Geila: The Fifth Island

Geila is the youngest of the Five Islands and the goddess of the moon, water, death, and repose. Like the other Five Islands, she was born to her mother Polaia. However, her birth was also met with much tragedy. In order for Polaia to bare any of her children, she had to take a portion of her own identity and place in the child. Polaia was the last of the five because Polaia used the last portion of her own consciousness to make her, thus turning Polaia into a maddened blight. Geila banded together with her siblings to put down Polaia, turning her into the ocean floor.

After that first tragedy, many stories depict Geila being at odds with her siblings. Most often, Reho, or Kaweio, or Lila is off doing some boisterous or comedic antic that leaves Geila either disgusted or frustrated.

One day, their foolishness grew so great that Geila completely abandoned them. Kanuha had managed to get all the gods together to make the human race, but they were unable to complete them because all five siblings had their own idea about what the perfect human should be. The debates grew so heated and intense that Geila had had enough of them all period, so she flew up into the sky and became the moon (it should be noted that the moon is considered an island in Polaian tradition).

Time passed and the moon became her permanent home. In this period, she married the Wild Dog King, Iwau, and took on the mantle of goddess of death. The moon is now also referred to as Dalon or ‘The Choosing Grounds,’ for it is where Geila oversees the reincarnation process.

On the earth, her primary worshipers are the religious caste of Kanuhon, the central island in the Polaian empire. There they attend to funeral rights, prayers to ease the stress of the wet seasons, production of medicines, and other duties that pertain to their goddess’ wishes. One of the less savory jobs they have is the care of the Muwau, for they are the creation of Iwau, and thus the ward of Geila. Regardless, most Geilan priests use steep precautions to bring contact down to the absolute minimum.

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