The Never-Ending-Recipe: the Omelet

The following is a satire of cooking blogs:

OMG, the best omelette EVA!!! – by BlogMom#8373


So, the CRAZIEST thing happened to me five days and 22 hours ago. At least, I think it was five days ago, I’m no good at keeping track at days, and I’m without a calendar at the moment (as I’ll tell you later).

So, me and my gal-pal were out walking our french poodles to the grooming salon, as was our habit at 5 in the morning. Both of our poodles are toy poodles, but they look absolutely nothing alike. Hers is a charchoaly kind of grey with a very tough build. Fun fact: did you know that poodles were originally bred to help fishers of all things? Crazy right? Yeah, my gal-pal say that hers came from a family of poodles that would dive under water to fetch coal for the soldiers in WW1 (which my youngest pronounces as “Wa-wa-wa.” So cute! :). My poodle, Peaches, comes from a very different line that was first owned by Marie Anntionette if you believe that. According to the legends, Peaches’ family was given to the queen of France just before the Reign of Terror. The peasants apparently hated the poodles also for being a symbol of the royalties oppression, so they actually had a guillotine built just for the poodles. Peaches family was placed on them first and they were all wiped out. I believe it, which makes Peaches just that more special. Here’s a picture of the little darlings:


Some people give us odd looks when we talk about them. They must not understand the finer points of dogs.

Sew, by the time that we got to the pet salon, Peaches was starting to get a somewhat upset stomach. Billy Joe (that’s the name of our official poodle hairstylist [yes, that’s an actual specific title {yes, I just used brackets to put parentheses into parentheses (and I’ve run out of things to say in this)}]) gave Peaches some medicine to help her tummy-wummy. That didn’t help and Peaches chucked her little guts all over the floor.

Sue, looking at that wet pile of food chunks suspended in a yellow substance made me think of something: Man, could I go for an omelette. So here’s the omelet recipe that I’m actually going to continue later because I have to pick my kids up from Totally-Not-A-Once-A-Week-Public-School Homeschool Enrichment Program.

(To be continued)

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