Could be that, OR…

I stumbled across this one video done by Gametheory that seems rather interesting. To summarize the point that Mat Pat is making, super high end games are showing steep declines in popularity while indie games are on the rise. He then goes on to point out the parallels between the gaming industry and art trends in general, and thus concludes that the change is due to the natural desire for creativity.

Mat Pat’s video is very well thought out, and I tend to agree with him save for an extra point that he seems to have overlooked. Allow me to explain this by continuing the art analogies made in the source video. Suppose, for a moment, that the Mona Lisa were drawn in a burqua, or that The Last Supper represented the disciples with a large swath of blacks, women, and transgenders in their ranks. Now imagine how the common audience would have reacted to these converged-copies. The people of that time would have outright rejected these, even if the works maintained the same level of detail and skill as their real-world counterparts.

The same basic thing is occurring in the gaming industry. All of the major gaming corporations, while they certainly possess superior graphics, also are forcing an agenda that the consumers do not predominantly want. Compare these giants again to indie gamers, who by definition can’t be a converged industry, and you find that the trend in ultimately brought upon by the content of major games not being appealing. In short, any form of art must do more than appeal to the eye in order to be praised, it must, if nothing else, appeal to the MINDS and sensibilities of its audience.

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