Aegir: A Commentary

In the story of Across the Kolgan Sea, Aegir, the god of the sea, went through many stages of evolution. In the very beginning of writing AKS, I didn’t give very much thought to the god beyond the simple need for a sea god. AKS’s original idea was to be a Norse version of the Oddessy, which naturally meant that I needed a Viking equivalent to the god Poseidon.

As for his motive, I must admit that there was a degree of misrepresentation. He was designed for AKS in my early years of studying Norse Mythology, so he consequently was simplified to his role as the final destination of people who drown, which naturally lead to the sea dwelling folk of Shaloor fearing him. However, this was later supplemented with his more detailed role as a host. His presentation in the source mythos goes to show that he was on mostly friendly terms with the gods, and often even held feasts in their honor.

Such a stark contrast went to contradict his original depiction, so I decided that that would be a good way to add further differences between the Shaloor and Agrians by giving them two very different perspectives of the sea giant. Shaloor considering him a force of evil and the Agrians honoring him as a god of hospitality.

For those of you who have not heard any of what I’m talking about, you can read about it now by going and purchasing Across the Kolgan Sea.

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