Christmas: A Season NOT About Giving

It is of note that modern culture has made the Christmas season a dichotomy of giving and receiving, thus embodying its selfish materialism. Every show on nigh every channel churns out at least one Christmas special that tries to convince the audience that the true meaning of the season is to be nice to family and friends. A nice sentiment, but it’s nothing more than lip-service. Stop to consider how the commercials, the decorations, and the actions of secular society scream ‘gimme, gimme, gimme.’

The ultimate cause of this failure in the Xmas season is, like in everything, the removal of Christ. In years past, we celebrated Christmas to remember the birth of Jesus and to show gratitude for his saving mankind. In other words, Christmas is not about the family OR the gifts, but rather the ultimate gift. Of course, without that vital nucleus, the orbiting virtues of compassion, charity, and joy have gone into chaos, leaving not but a frightening echo of Christmas past.

So let’s leave this with a positive note, and return to the way Christmas is supposed to be. As C.S. Lewis said, “If everyone is heading down the wrong path, the most progressiveĀ man among them is the one who turns back first.”

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