An Unfortunate Tick

Over Completionist Disorder (OCD) is a mental disorder that many people either have or like to make fun of. This is because the folks who have it do some odd things in order to keep mental zen, like wearing green only with red or having to alphabetize the letters in ‘OCD’ to ‘CDO’.

However, I’ve thought of two other ticks that would be much more unfortunate to have.

  1. Being unable to buy anything unless the total is a palindrome (i.e. $67.6)
  2. Needing to have an OCD meltdown at least once in a day.

Extroverts: Socially Acceptable Madness

I remember the first time that I heard about extroverts. The particulars about where I heard it don’t matter, so much as I went to my father to ask about this strange word. Note that I was 10 at the time, and oblivious to my status as an introvert.

When my dad explained they were people who ‘had the need to do things around other people,’ this caused my youthful mind to ponder the status of that subset of humanity. “What a horrible mental disorder.” I was forced conclude.

A decade later and I don’t neccessarily disagree with my younger self.

Odd Ideas They Have

In this latest chorus of gun control conniptions, I can’t help but notice a frequent phrase that is heard. “No one wants to take your *bleeping* guns!!” But what, then, are they trying to do anyway? The typical clarification by anti-gunners is that they merely want a particular firearm of the up-and-up market. This sounds odd, as it feels like it can be compared to a bizarre dialogue between mugger and muggee.

Mugger: “Gimme yo wallet!”

Muggee: “No! I need that money to pay for food!”

Mugger: “No one wancho *bleeping* money! I said I wancho wallet, fool!”

Muggee: “…I’m actually cool with that” *pulls wallet out of pocket* *proceeds to remove cash and cards prior to giving up wallet*

Mugger: *Shoots sap in throat* *extracts money from wallet* *leaves wallet behind*