Odd Ideas They Have

In this latest chorus of gun control conniptions, I can’t help but notice a frequent phrase that is heard. “No one wants to take your *bleeping* guns!!” But what, then, are they trying to do anyway? The typical clarification by anti-gunners is that they merely want a particular firearm of the up-and-up market. This sounds odd, as it feels like it can be compared to a bizarre dialogue between mugger and muggee.

Mugger: “Gimme yo wallet!”

Muggee: “No! I need that money to pay for food!”

Mugger: “No one wancho *bleeping* money! I said I wancho wallet, fool!”

Muggee: “…I’m actually cool with that” *pulls wallet out of pocket* *proceeds to remove cash and cards prior to giving up wallet*

Mugger: *Shoots sap in throat* *extracts money from wallet* *leaves wallet behind*

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